A Plan to Benefit the People

Blueprint for Health Improvement and Health-Enabled Prosperity


Southwest Virginia

The Southwest Virginia Health Authority (SVHA) has a mission given by the Virginia General Assembly “to improve quality of life in the region by enhancing, fostering and creating opportunities that advance health status and provide health-related economic benefits for people of all ages.” Its stated vision is “to achieve continuous improvement in the health and prosperity of the region.” The Blueprint for Health Improvement and Health-Enabled Prosperity (Blueprint) is a strategic plan for improving health, healthcare and prosperity in Central Appalachia (Lenowisco and Cumberland Plateau Planning Districts—PDI and II).

The Blueprint is grounded and fueled by the heart and spirit of the people of the region. With heart and spirit as its center, a business plan structure and intent fleshed it out so the plan serves as a foundation for further strategic planning.

Many thoughtful, caring people worked together to create the Blueprint, which was adopted by SVHA in May 2009 followed with the first Progress Report in 2011. Input came from key leaders and citizens throughout Southwest Virginia and the broader region.

Sectors represented include healthcare, business, education, government, and the public community input meetings. SVHA key working partners include the regional public health institute, the Healthy Appalachia Institute at University of Virginia – Wise, and Lenowisco and Cumberland Plateau Health Districts of the Virginia Department of Health.

It is now time to update the Blueprint to reflect updated priorities and challenges. Stay tuned for additional information as we work together to create this plan. The Blueprint was revised in 2011.

SVHA serves the 1st and 2nd Planning Districts, Lenowisco and Cumberland Plateau, respectively.